Your ankle is protected

Better performance 

Full comfort

Your ankle is protected

Better performance 

Full comfort


Marlene Søby Vestergaard,

Physiotherapist, Nordsjælland Håndbold

Oliver Roepstorff,

Professional Handball Player

Research partners


78% percent of handball players have experienced ankle injuries. Over half of these occured within the previous two years. Spraino reduces the risk.


Studies at Aalborg university has shown a documented effect and increased safety in the movement apparatus during sharp changes in direction and 180 degree turns when using Spraino.


51% of badminton players have been exposed to ankle injuries. On average, each injury causes six days of downtime.

Research partners

Facts about Spraino

How does Spraino work?
Smart grip: Spraino combines the natural grip of the shoes with a friction and damage-reducing effect without compromising on your functionality. On the contrary, you avoid getting too far on the edge of the shoe, which reduces the damaging forces.

Realignment effect: If you land on the outside of your shoe, you risk spraining your ankle. Spraino makes sure that the foot realigns and finds its natural position.

Rescue effect: If you land on a shoe or ball, you risk a severe trauma on the ankle. Spraino limits or reduces the damage by removing the friction from the outside of your shoe so that you reduce the damage-causing forces even when the foot is in a position where it is twisted.

Where can I buy Spraino?
Spraino can be purchased at certain specialty stores,, and selected physiotherapists.

Spraino costs 299 Kr for a package containing four pieces of self-adhesive Spraino tape. This corresponds to putting Spraino on two sets of shoes. Buy it here!

How do I know if Spraino has been applied correctly?

Test that Spraino is applied correctly in relation to the “rescue function” working.

You should not be able to feel Spraino in your normal sports movements. If you can, it’s probably too far below the sole. Make sure the edge is just barely covered. On the back, Spraino must not go down under the sole, see the test of the rescue function here.

Make sure that Spraino is applied according to the supplied instructions.

Can I lengthen the life of the Spraino?
Be sure to thoroughly clean the area with rubbing alcohol, where Spraino should sit before application. Be sure to be thorough when attaching Spraino. After training, make sure to reapply Spraino if there are places where it has been removed. Do not use your shoes outside.
How long does Spraino last?
Each Spraino has a life span of 20-40 training hours before changing. So if you work 6 hours a week, you should change after 4-6 weeks. You can test it by sliding the outside of the shoe against the floor. If the shoe slides without resistance, Spraino functions properly. The more times you apply Spraino, the more durable they become.
Can one see or notice when one needs to change the Spraino?
As long as the outside of your shoes are slippery, Spraino is still effective. You can test it by sliding the outside of the shoe against the floor. If the shoe slides without resistance, Spraino continues to work.
How can I facilitate the replacement of Spraino?
If you put a piece of thin tape under the center of the front Spraino, long enough to cover the entire length, you will be able to pull this tape off and thus remove a large part of the Spraino.
What is Spraino made of?
Spraino is made of a specially designed PTFE (Teflon). PTFE is the material with the lowest known abrasion resistance. The adhesive backing is also specially designed for Spraino.

Spraino adds a patented smart-grip effect to your sports shoes. You get a shoe where your foot does not risk left “hanging” and triggering a twisting injury. Spraino was developed so that the traction on your sole is not compromised.

Why does Spraino look like it does?
The top of the Spraino (circled in red) is designed to help ensure optimal adhesion by better conforming to the shape of the shoe. Therefore, it does not matter to the function of Spraino, if they lose a bit of adhesion on the shoe. Since Spraino is designed for many different types of shoes, it has many smaller perforations (circled in green) to make sure that Spraino fits the design and movement of the sole. The perforations ensure that Spraino adheres optimally and extends its durability.

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