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What you get by purchasing Spraino


Spraino prevents ankle sprains by reducing the force on the ankle by over 90% giving you the ability to perform without having to worry about ankle injuries.

Video Tutorials

Our simple video tutorials ensures proper application each time. It only takes a few minutes to secure your ankle against injuries.


If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We will answer within 24 hours.

Spraino gives an advantage

Previously Casper suffered several ankle injuries each season, but since har started playing with Spraino his ankle has been completely injury free. Now Casper can push himself to the limit each time.


This is what Spraino users want to know the most

How does Spraino work?

Smart grip: Spraino combines the natural grip of the shoes with a friction and damage-reducing effect without compromising on your functionality. On the contrary, you avoid getting too far on the edge of the shoe, which reduces the damaging forces.

Realignment effect: If you land on the outside of your shoe, you risk spraining your ankle. Spraino makes sure that the foot realigns and finds its natural position.

Where can I buy Spraino?

Spraino can be purchased at certain specialty stores, Spraino.com, proterapi.dk and selected physiotherapists.

Spraino costs 269 Kr for a package containing four pieces of self-adhesive Spraino tape. This corresponds to putting Spraino on two sets of shoes.

How do I know if Spraino has been applied correctly?

Test that Spraino is applied correctly in relation to the “rescue function” working.

You should not be able to feel Spraino in your normal sports movements. If you can, it’s probably too far below the sole. Make sure the edge is just barely covered. On the back, Spraino must not go down under the sole, see the test of the rescue function.

How long does Spraino last?

Each Spraino has a life span of 20-40 training hours before changing. So if you work 6 hours a week, you should change after 4-6 weeks. You can test it by sliding the outside of the shoe against the floor. If the shoe slides without resistance, Spraino is continuing to work. The more times you apply Spraino, the more durable they become.

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