What is Spraino?

Spraino is a Tribo tape (tribology tape), you can easily apply to the outer side of your shoes, thereby preventing ankle injury.
After several years of research, we developed the Tribo-tape Spraino: The most simple and efficient way to prevent ankle injuries. Spraino prevents almost 60% of severe ankle injuries, and decreases the load on the joint in a possible twist by more than 90% – without compromising comfort or movement, as opposed to ankle braces or tape.


How does Spraino work?

Spraino realigns the foot before the injury happens.
In a typical twist of the ankle the outer side of the shoe is stuck to the floor, thus twisting the ankle. This may cause serious injuries and long periods of time off court. In an injury situation, with Spraino the friction on the outer side of the shoe is reduced, and instead the foot realigns to its natural position – before any twist.