Spraino does not affect cutting movements


Aalborg University, Center of Sensory-Motor Interaction, completed a study on the biomechanics among various models and placements of the Spraino.

Players in the 1st division women’s handball team from FC Vendsyssel were told to repeatedly perform cutting movements at submaximal speed while receiving a handball pass. A force plate and a motion capture system recorded the movements. The results demonstrate that Spraino is safe and does not affect cutting forces or contact time when placed up to 1 cm under the sole (the lateral ground engaging surface on the forefoot).

In the Aalborg study Addidas Stabil was used. We are currently undertaking more studies on this “stabilizing” effect. Stabilization occurs since decreased outmost lateral friction in a near injury situation will decrease pressure going further laterally -the inversion moment. A lateral displacement of the center of pressure in an injury situation has been observed in reports of accidental sprains, and we are modifying these forces with the Spraino. When we have concluded more studies, this feature will possibly be used to a larger extent in the next generation Spraino product. However, we currently prioritize not risking decreased performance – and with the current placement of Spraino on the edge of the shoe, and with the Ålborg study data, performance is not altered.


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