Former world champion in Badminton in cooperation with Spraino.


Do you know Badminton Famly? If not, it’s time for you to visit their Youtube channel or Website, and become a part of the family. Behind Badminton Famly stands former world champion Thomas Laybourn, and the website is bursting with badminton news, training videos, articles and much more.
In the training videos, Thomas Laybourn shares his technical skills, and shows you how to make the essential details and excellence footwork.

In the video ‘Defense FOOTWORK forehand corner’, Thomas makes a step-by-step tutorial for the basic footwork and shot technique in the high forehand lift, while also telling about Spraino. Watch his spotless footwork with Spraino on his shoe, and how he moves freely around the court.

Thomas plays with our black Spraino version, that is easy to apply the outer side of the shoe. Thereby securing his ankle, if he has a bad landing. Spraino takes over 90% of the harmful force out of a twist, when having a bad landing, and lets your foot go back to its natural position, before the twist happens.

You can read more about Spraino and how it works here.
Watch Badminton Famly’s video with Spraino here, or visit their website at


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