Did you see that odd-shaped tape on the side of the shoe of the player who made that breathtaking trick shot at the last tournament?

Probably not, since we are not the first thing you notice once the game has started – BUT the innovative tribo-tape from Spraino keeps badminton players safely on-court all around the world.

Several years of research in ankle injury prevention led us to the development of the innovative Tribo-tape* “Spraino”. This is the most discrete and simple, yet effective, way of preventing ankle injuries in badminton. Spraino is in fact just a set of adhesive tribological patches that easily attaches to the outside of your favorite badminton shoes. The effect of Spraino has been tested clinically with an up to 60% reduction of severe ankle sprains during a season of badminton.

*’Tribo’ is an abbreviation of tribology; the science of friction between interacting surfaces.

Why is Spraino ideal in badminton?

Having the ability to move freely around court is essential when playing badminton. This is why traditional preventive approaches like braces and sports tape are annoying to use. Spraino is attached on the lateral outside of the shoe, thus not limiting free movement of the ankle joint.

Research has shown that most ankle sprain injuries occur when the edge of the shoe is sticking to the playing surface. This creates an anchor around which an injury can occur, when subject to a bad landing. This anchoring point can be removed by applying Spraino onto your shoes thereby mitigating the risk:

Spraino minimizes friction on the lateral edge of your shoe and will alleviate more than 90% of the injuring force in a typical injury situation. This allows your foot to return to its natural position, and in this way helps you avoid the otherwise unavoidable injury.

Spraino is unnoticeable during regular play since it only covers the absolute edge of the shoe.

Get faster with Spraino

Spraino was tested on professional badminton players in a scientifically validated badminton speed test. The test was conducted in collaboration with Aalborg University and Badminton Europe and revealed that the players got faster on the court when playing with Spraino.


Ditte Søby
Ditte is a mixed-double player from Greve competing in the Danish Badminton League. Ditte was suffering a lot from ankle injuries and had to apply sports tape prior to every badminton training. Ditte is now playing freely without any fear of spraining her ankle – and without having to resort to sports tape. Click the video and listen to Ditte explaining why she enjoys playing with Spraino, and how it feels to play badminton with Spraino on the shoes.

Amalie Magelund
Amalie is one the best Danish badminton players in women’s doubles. Amalie and her partner, Freja, impressed at the 2019 World Championships in Switzerland with their excellent play and high spirit. Amalie uses Spraino to ensure that she can give everything on court without having to fear nagging ankle injuries.