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SplitOut is a tribo-tape applied to the shoe heel to make split movements easier. Its ultra-low friction properties allow for a smooth and rapid slide when going into a split and simultaneously reduces stress on the knees and ankles. This means it gives you an edge on competition in terms of both performance and injury prevention.

SplitOut minimizes the friction between shoe and floor and helps you avoid sudden stops during your slide. The reduced load on the knee and ankle joints increases comfort when performing split movements. Some goalkeepers have experienced that injuries disappear after using SplitOut. 

What it does

  • Ensures smooth gliding throughout the split save movement – no sudden stops, lost balance or jarring motions
  • Smooth gliding over resin often in the goal area
  • Quick drop into split save position
  • Easy to apply to the shoe
  • For use on linoleum, wood and sports flooring

SplitOut is based on existing research on Spraino – our product to prevent ankle injuries. The research and development of smart traction in sport shoes was done with Aalborg University, the Technical University of Denmark and German Sports University Cologne. Studies have been conducted in collaboration with the Danish Handball Federation.