We are probably not the first thing you notice once the game has started – BUT the innovative tribo-tape from Spraino keeps volleyball players safely on-court all around the world. This makes us an active contributor to that thunder of a smash you can only dream about!

Several years of research in ankle injury prevention led us to the development of the innovative Tribo-tape* “Spraino”. This is the most discrete and simple, yet effective, way of preventing ankle injuries in volleyball. Spraino is in fact just a set of adhesive tribological patches that easily attaches to the outside of your volleyball shoes. The effect of Spraino has been tested clinically with an up to 60% reduction of severe ankle sprains during a season of volleyball play.

*’Tribo’ is an abbreviation of tribology; the science of friction between interacting surfaces.

Spraino prevents both contact and non-contact injuries!

Ankle injuries in volleyball most often occurs when stepping onto the foot of an opponent, but sometimes also happens without any contact. In both cases, the lateral outside of the shoe sole makes contact with (and sticks too) the floor, thus creating an anchor around which the injury takes place. This typically results in an almost unavoidable ankle sprain injury.

Spraino minimizes friction on the lateral edge of your shoe and will alleviate more than 90% of the injuring force in a typical injury situation. This allows your foot to return to its natural position, and in this way helps you avoid the otherwise unavoidable.

Spraino is unnoticeable during regular play since it only covers the absolute edge of the shoe.

Don’t waste your time sitting behind the bench not helping your team. Use Spraino and make sure you keep doing what you love – playing volleyball!


The Austria men’s national volleyball team is young and talented. They will not stand back for niggling ankle injuries. This is why we have entered an ambitious partnership. Multiple players were using ankle braces or sports tape but felt that this was interfering with their performance.

Listen to the players themselves speaking about why they like using Spraino.