Do you suffer from ankle problems or unstable ankles, or have you recently twisted your ankle? Then Spraino is the answer! Spraino helps indoor athletes who would like to prevent ankle injuries or ankle problems and stay on court. Spraino is designed for indoor sports athletes practicing handball, badminton and volleyball.

What is Spraino?

Spraino is a Tribo tape that is applied on the outside of your shoes, to prevent ankle injuries. After several years of research, we developed the Tribo tape Spraino: The most simple and effective method for preventing ankle injuries. Spraino prevents almost 60% of serious ankle injuries – without compromising on either comfort or mobility.

How does Spraino work?

Spraino straightens the foot before the injury occurs. In a typical ankle twist, the outside of the shoe is stuck to the floor, which results in an twisted ankle. This can result in serious injury and long periods on the sidelines. With Spraino, the friction on the outside of the shoe is reduced and the foot instead returns to its natural position in an injury situation – before the twisting occurs.

But does it work?

Scientifically proven effect

Spraino have just completed the largest ever Danish study of ankle injuries prevention in indoor sports. The study was made in cooperation with scientists from e.g. Hvidovre Hospital and Aalborg University, and with assistance from DIF, including Badminton Denmark, the Danish Basketball federation and the Danish Handball Federation.

The results were unanimous: Spraino decreases the risk of non-contact injuries (not stepping on another person’s shoe) and reduces pain, fear of reinjury and time off court.

Read the study published in BJSM here!

Key findings:

  • Athletes can prevent more than half of all severe ankle injuries (53%).
  • Athletes will avoid more than two third injury of the ankle injury time if they start using Spraino after a recurrent injury (67 %).
  • Players using Spraino had a 4 times greater reduction in fear of ankle injuries compared to other players.
  • Spraino prevents more than half of all severe non-contact ankle injuries (59%).
  • Spraino users are 36% quicker back to full speed after an injury.

Spraino has also been tested in laboratory. The test have among other things shown that Spraino reduces the harmfull force during a twist by more than 90%. The load on bones, ligaments, muscels and tendons is far less, than if you do not use any aids.

This shows that we in Spraino have conducted extensive scientific research and testing to ensure maximum safety and preventive effect in the use of Spraino.
Do you have any further questions regarding our scientific research and testing, please contact us at [email protected]

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Spraino summed up:

  • Prevents ankle injuries.
  • Allows optimum performance.
  • Ensures comfort and full movement.
  • Decreases injury causing forces by more than 90%.
  • Tested and approved for team handball, badminton and volleyball.
  • For use on linoleum, wood and sport flooring.