A surprisingly large number of athletes in Danish indoor sports experience lateral ankle sprains, which causes extensive absence from sports and reduces a sports team’s performance on court. Furthermore, injuries are associated with a big economic burden due to diagnostics and treatment. 70% of all elite and sub-elite athletes in handball and badminton have sustained a lateral ankle sprain at some point of their career. In addition, 36% have have sustained a lateral ankle sprain within the previous two years. Looking at handball alone, more than half of the athletes suffered an ankle sprain within the previous two years. These findings underline the need for new preventive measures.

The findings origin from a recently conducted study at Aalborg University. After surveying more than 1200 athletes, 500 were included for a future randomized study investigating the impact of Spraino. Over the period of a year, feedback data from the athletes will be acquired and analyzed to assess the effect of Spraino. This work is being done in conjunction with Hvidovre Hospital and Aalborg University, as well as many sports clubs and organizations on divisional and league level.

The study will focus on the safety of Spraino and the effect of preventing ankle sprains. All included athletes have suffered an ankle sprain within the previous two years and are at increased risk of suffering a reinjury. Once the study starts, the participating athletes will receive text messages evaluating their use of spraino and playing time. Based on preliminary tests, Spraino© expects a positive outcome suggesting that lateral ankle sprains can be prevented.

Spraino, Copenhagen University Hospital, Aalborg University, Metropolitan University College, The Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (CACHET). (2017). The Spraino Pilot Trail. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03311490

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