It is surprising how many ankle injuries that are within Danish sports. This tremendous impact increases player suffering and downtime as well as decreasing a sports team’s effectiveness on the court. If one combines the professional division-level athletes in handball and badminton, 70% have gotten ankle injuries at some point in their careers. In addition, within the same group, 36% have gotten injured just during the last two years. With just handball alone, the percentage comes up to 53. This contributes to excessive downtime of about a week at a time, where the player is laid up and unable to play.

After surveying about 3000 athletes, nearly 500 of them were chosen for a randomized study of the use of Spraino versus not using Spraino. Then over the period of a year, feedback data from the athletes will be acquired. This work is being done in conjunction with Hvidovre Hospital and Aalborg University, as well as many sports clubs and organizations.

This study will focus on the effect and safety of Spraino’s use in preventing ankle sprains. The chosen athletes need to have had an ankle sprain in the last two years. Once the study starts, the participating athletes will receive text messages each week with questions for them to answer. Based on preliminary tests, Spraino© expects a positive outcome, after the study, that lateral ankle sprains can be prevented. This product can keep the players on the court rather than laid up at home, sidelined from the game.

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