What is Spraino?

Spraino® is a teflon patch that is easy and simple to attach to your shoes and prevents ankle injuries
After years of research, we have developed the most simple and efficient method of preventing ankle injuries . Spraino® is a patch that reduces the injury causing forces on the ankle by more than 90% without compromising on comfort or freedom of movement – unlike ankle braces and taping.

Spraino® realigns the foot before the injury happens
When ankle injuries occur, the outside of the shoe sticks to the floor often causing severe ankle twists and long-term injuries. By reducing the friction on the lateral edge of the shoe, Spraino® realigns the foot to its natural position – before the twist happens.

Scientifically tested
Spraino® is scientifically tested. In case of an awkward landing, the injury causing forces on the ankle are reduced by more than 90% when using Spraino®.

This results in a highly reduced strain on the structures (ligaments, muscles, tendons) that protect the ankle. Spraino® has been tested in clinical and laboratory settings in collaboration with Aalborg University, where the biomechanical forces occurring in an ankle twist have been analyzed.

More scientific studies are underway
Currently, Spraino® is conducting the largest Danish field study of ankle injuries in collaboration with Aalborg University and Hvidovre Hospital. The randomized study will test the effectiveness and safety of Spraino®. More than 500 athletes are participating in the study. The preliminary results have been extremely promising. A final release of the new test results is expected in the summer of 2019.

Spraino® can be used by indoor athletes
Do you suffer from repeated ankle injuries and chronic ankle instability, or have you recently twisted your ankle? Spraino® can help anyone who wants to prevent ankle injuries and stay on the court. The product has been thoroughly tested in handball, badminton and volleyball.

Spraino gives an advantage

Previously Casper suffered several ankle injuries each season, but since har started playing with Spraino his ankle has been completely injury free. Now Casper can push himself to the limit each time.

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