We particularly focused on the safety of our product in the first studies investigating the “rescue” function. To date, no player has sustained an injury attributable to Spraino. The safety studies were undertaken both under laboratory conditions and in real play situations with a total of 40 subjects using Spraino.

The rescue effect is the main feature in the first version of Spraino. It can be seen in the video where the motion capture system, force plate and high-speed camera demonstrates that no joint overloading or overstretching is present. This is in line with our considerable experience outside the lab. To date, no player has sustained a lateral distortion with loss of playing time or any other injury, which can be ascribed to the sliding of the shoe due to the Spraino effect. Also found in the study, no occurrence of twisting or harmful force to any joint as the Spraino allows the shoe to slide – herein the “rescue function”. This is the conclusion seen in recordings from Aalborg University testing, as well as product development tests.

It is important to note, that Spraino has been tested on indoor sports surfaces designed for indoor sport activities. It has not been tested specifically to any norm, and it should therefore only be used on surfaces made for sports purposes with proper force reduction that lives up to the international standards such as ASTM F2772 class 4-5, DIN 18032-2 or DK/EN 14904 level 3-4. The Spraino is thus not to be considered safe on rigid surfaces such as stone, cement, asphalt etc., even if there is a layer of elastic surface on to of this. In any case however, it must be expected that rare fall injuries can occur as it will be the case on all floorings notwithstanding a causal relationship with Spraino. As with all rare adverse effects, we cannot completely rule out and use of Spraino as it is always the users own risk and responsibility including appropriate use.