Spraino pro pack


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Spraino is a specially developed Teflon patch that is applied to the outside of the shoe to reduce friction between the sports shoe and floor.

  •  Prevents ankle injuries
  •  Ensures optimum performance
  •  Maintains comfort and mobility
  •  Reduces the harmful force on the ankle joint by 91%
  •  Tested and approved for handball, badminton and volleyball
  •  Validated for linoleum, wooden and sports-surfaced floors

The content of the package

The package contains 10 wet wipes, 20 front Spraino patches, 20 rear Spraino patches (Enough for ten pairs of shoes).


Depending on the athlete’s activity level, the patch lasts somewhere between 20-40 hours before it needs to be replaced *.

The first patch will typically last a shorter time than the following patches. We recommend the patch mainly for indoor shoes (indoor court) with a fixed and smooth surface (leather or the like).

*(Several factors to be considered, such as; weight, height and player level.)

Application Spraino® patch is easily attached to the outside of the shoe with the adhesive patch. At this LINK you can see an attachment video.


It is important that you study the application guide, watch the instructional video and follow the instructions carefully. We cannot guarantee effectiveness of the product if it is not applied correctly.

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