We have conducted extensive scientific research on Spraino to secure optimal safety and effectiveness. In collaboration with Aalborg University, The Technical University of Denmark, and international partners, Spraino have been tested in biomechanical trials. In these trials we recreated the awkward landings causing countless athletes to suffer ankle sprains. The results show that Spraino has a 100 % succes rate in preventing ankle distortions caused by suppinated landings. Furthermore, randomised cross-over trials demonstrated that Spraino does not compromise performance during high-intesity cutting movements.

Besides these tests, we have investigated Spraino in a randomized controlled trial including more than 400 participants in handball, badminton, and basketball. The results show that Spraino reduces the risk of suffering a non-contact ankle distortion. Additionally, athletes using Spraino experienced a reduced sensation of pain in the ankle and less fear of reinjury and time-loss.

A full overview of our research can be found here

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